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What Do You Charge?

Coaching takes place every week. We usually talk about an hour. I like to have some flexibility in the time since some sessions really need a few more minutes to make a giant leap. If we are finished and the time is less than an hour, we may decide to stop early. I am not a clock watcher.

I am currently charging $115 for each session. This includes email communication from time to time, as needed. I am a professional. I do not have monthly charges or offer monthly deals. 

If you feel finished with your coaching, you may stop at any time. I do not like monthly plans. I want you to feel you are learning and growing with every session. If you aren’t, we need to talk about how to make the sessions more productive. The practice of doing this is often a valuable part of coaching. If you decide that you are not making the progress you want, you are free to stop without being responsible for sessions you did not receive.

I like to be paid at the end of each month. I will send you a bill via internet for the number of hours we worked that month. Please pay me by check or Paypal.