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What is Life Coaching all about?
Life Coaching is all about growing! It is about discovering yourself and your most important attribute, your life purpose. After identifying this purpose, it is about focusing on it and discovering how to achieve it—and enjoying the journey. It is moving from the idea to the action. Identifying goals and what route to follow to achieve the goals is vital. Talking about whether or not the goals are realistic is also vital. 

Life Coaching is all about changing! It is about changing patterns and habits. It is about changing your life in some cases. If you are married to a man who is not good for you, it is about learning to live without him. It is about changing jobs if needed, or about not drinking in excess, or about breaking habits that are causing you to be overweight.

Ours is a very special relationship.  What was an original need may change as life progresses and the coach is there to help in your growth. Life coaching is a great experience. How often do you see your life reflected back through kind but no nonsense eyes?

Life Coaches may work with their clients for several months or may provide assistance from time to time as life changes. There is a very special relationship between the coach and the client. The coach knows the client well and that allows for stepping in the client's life as needed over the years. You will always have my support and love as you progress through life. It is a confidential relationship of trust.